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46e festival de jazz « Sim Copans » de Souillac !

La belle musique a résonné à Souillac en juillet 2021 grâce à l'implication de tous,  malgré des conditions compliquées, et au soutien de nos partenaires publics et privés et de nos fidèles spectateurs, un immense merci à eux tous!

La pandémie...


46e festival de jazz « Sim Copans » de Souillac !

La belle musique a résonné à Souillac en juillet 2021 grâce à l'implication de tous,  malgré des conditions compliquées, et au soutien de nos partenaires publics et privés et de nos fidèles spectateurs, un immense merci à eux tous!

La pandémie change le monde, nous devons rebondir comme Martin Luther King qui a donné sa vie pour changer le monde, c’est ce rêve que véhiculent  nos musiciennes et musiciens, c’est ce rêve qui nous motive,  c’est ce rêve que Frank Cassenti réalise avec son film « Changer le monde » qu’il présentera à Souillac.

Après notre nouveau rendez-vous « live » à l’église de Calès qui a donné lieu à un CD de Joëlle Léandre « at Souillac en jazz », en 2022 outre celui-ci, ce sera un nouveau changement avec un concert gratuit pour la ville de Souillac et ses souillagais.

2022, c’est un tiers de musiciennes (violoncelle, voix, marimba, percussions, violon alto, clarinette) dont Ana Carla Maza, la fille de Carlos accueilli en 1993 et 2002, c’est le retour de Renaud Garcia-Fons avec cette année le pianiste Dorantes et la latinité de ces derniers avec « La Flor »et « Paseo a dos » ;  c’est l’Afrique de « Bengue » de Fidel Fourneyron et l’histoire de la migration. La migration, c’est aussi celle du jazz avec le trio Suzanne et le voyage sidéral et sidérant du 3e étage de la fusée Supersonic de Thomas de Pourquery et son « Back to the moon ». Bien sûr, nous ferons notre 17e voyage au centre de la terre dans les grottes de Lacave avec Eric Séva et Daniel Zimmermann.

2022, notre beau « fond de scène »,  l’abbatiale Sainte-Marie, sélectionnée par la mission Bern, commence sa restauration.

Que le voyage commence, … pour changer le monde !

Robert Peyrillou, directeur artistique et président.



.Evening concerts - 2017 -
For our English-speaking friends - 2017 -

Tony Hymas plays Léo Ferré - Tuesday 18 July 2017 in the caves at Lacave.

From 1963 to 1968, Léo Ferré lived in the Lot near Gourdon in a house he named Perdrigal. It was there that he wrote his songs, notably "Franco la Muerte" and "It’s spring", as well as analytical texts and poems which he did not intend to publish. He recorded two albums: "Ferré 64" and "Verlaine-Rimbaud" dedicated to two French poets.
After playing some of Ferré’s themes on 1 May 2015, the British pianist Tony Hymas, has now dug deeper into the singer’s works and reveals a new aspect of some fifteen songs. Tony Hymas, founder of the group Ursus Minor with which he has produced four albums, is a versatile musician with a constant quest. After arranging rock music for his keyboard, he worked with Amerindian musicians, dabbled in film music, contributed to concertos and played with the greatest jazz musicians.
We are all familiar with the power of Ferré’s texts. Alone at his piano in the cave waiting to enfold the notes that rise from the keyboard, Tony Hymas will take a fresh approach to those texts and the sound of his music will evoke the calm and the violence, the tenderness and the vitality of an unforgettable singer.

Tony Hymas, piano

Selected works
2016 Tony Hymas joue Léo Ferré (Nato)
2016 Ursus Minor, What Matters Now, (Hope Street)
2014 Chroniques de résistance (Nato)
2012 Hymas & The Bates Brothers, Blue Door (Nato)
2010 Ursus Minor,
I will not take “but” for an answer (Hope Street)
2010 De l’origine du monde (Nato)
2007 Erik Satie et autres messieurs, Airs de jeux, (Nato)
2007 Michel Portal, Birdwatcher (Emarcy universal)
2006 Ursus Minor, Nucular (Hope street)
2005 Ursus Minor, Zugzwang (Hope Street)
1996 Collectif pour un autre futur, Buenaventura Durruti, (Nato)

Das Kapital- Kind of Red - Thursday 20 July 2017 - Place Pierre Betz

Thursday evening’s concert will be a joyful affair. Yet again! Following on from Thomas de Pourquery’s Supersonic in 2015 and Sons of Kemet with Shabaka Hutchings in 2016, Das Kapital will display a surge of energy on the stage in the Pierre Betz square in Souillac. The members of the European trio consisting of German saxophonist Daniel Erdmann, Danish guitarist Hasse Poulsen and French percussionist Edward Perraud have composed their own pieces to produce
Kind of Red which can be described as a joyful medley of folk, rock and pop music occasionally marked by cynical overtones (reminiscent of Albert Ayler). On their website the three musicians explain that Kind of Red was inspired by a concert given by the Wayne Shorter Quartet in Berlin in 2012: “the mastery of time and form, the improvisation and the sheer beauty of this music pushed Das Kapital into making clarity and simplicity the main concern of their compositions and improvisations”*. We can be quite sure that their concert will be a resounding success with the public.

Daniel Erdmann, saxophone
Hasse Poulsen
, guitar
Edward Perraud
, percussion and drums

2016 Charles Cros Academy award

Selected works
2016 Das Kapital & Royal Symphonic wind orchestra Vooruit, Eisler explosion (Das Kapital)
2015 Das Kapital,
Kind of Red (Label Bleu)
2013 Das Kapital,
Loves Christmas (Das Kapital)
2011 Das Kapital Plays Hanns Eisler,
Conflicts & Conclusions (Das Kapital)
2009 Das Kapital Plays Hanns Eisler,
Ballads & Barricades (Das Kapital)

Paul Lay trio - Alcazar Memories – first of two concerts on Fri
day 21 July 2017 - Place Pierre Betz

During the 20
th century the Alcazar was a concert hall in which artists such as Yves Montand, Tino Rossi, Dalida, Maurice Chevalier and Fernandel performed. As a tribute to this mythical hall, in 2013 the pianist Paul Lay gave a concert with the Swedish singer Isabel Sörling and the double bass player Simon Tailleu. The idea was to focus on the roots of popular songs from Provence and Sweden. As a result of an enormous amount of work rearranging songs, thanks to his extensive knowledge of classical music and jazz, Paul Lay has been able to breathe new life into popular songs and these are transfigured by the voice of Isabel Sörling. Her beautifully soft and delicate style of singing is caressing and seductive. Regardless of whether she is singing in French, Swedish, English or Spanish, Isabel Sörling’s voice floats over the notes of the piano and the beat of the music. The trio reinvents music, alternating classical pieces of jazz with original compositions. A phenomenal performance.

Paul Lay
, piano
Isabel Sörling,
Simon Tailleu,
double bass

2016, Django Reinhardt prize for best French jazz musician of the year
2016, best young jazz talent of the year (Jazz Magazine)
2014, winner of the Charles Cros Academy award (Mikado best international jazz album)

Selected works
2017 Alcazar Memories (Laborie jazz)
2017 The party (Laborie jazz)
2013 Mikado (Laborie jazz)
2010 Unveiling (Laborie jazz)

Isabel Sörling
Isabel Sörling is a Swedish singer who came to Paris to study jazz at the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in 2010. She has made a contribution to two documentary films “Human” and “Terra” with Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Her style builds on the traditional repertoire of songs she has been singing since childhood. Her crystalline voice deconstructs rhythms and harmonies and builds a refined melodic world. In 2010 she came to the notice of trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf with whom she brought out her first album Something Came with the Sun.

Selected works
2017 Paul Lay, Alcazar Memories (Laborie jazz)
2016 Airelle Besson,
Radio one(Naïve)
Something Came with the Sun (Mi’ster productions) with Ibrahim Maalouf

Airelle Besson - Radio One – second of two concerts on
Friday 21 July 2017 - Place Pierre Betz

On the big stage in front of Souillac’s Romanesque Abbey, trumpeter Airelle Besson and her quartet will perform
Radio One, a suite of eight pieces whose sound is airy and dreamlike. Trained by Wynton Marsalis and a graduate of the National Conservatory of Music in Paris, Besson, who not only plays the trumpet but also composes music, has been working on this project for four years. The rhythmic part provided by Benjamin Moussay on the keyboards and Fabrice Moreau on the drums weaves a pattern in which the voice of the Swedish singer Isabel Sörling picks up on the sounds emitted by Airelle Besson’s trumpet. Energetic pieces alternate with songlike ballads and more languorous melodies and these mood swings provide an opportunity for Sörling to indulge at will in chant and scat singing against the background of the notes floating from the trumpet. The contrast of play between the vocals and the trumpet is full of poetry, meditation and light-hearted song. A dream come true.

Airelle Besson, trumpet
Isabel Sörling, vocals
Benjamin Moussay, piano, keyboards, Fender Rhodes
Fabrice Moreau, drums

2015 Django Reinhardt prize (Académie du Jazz)
2015 Jazz Victory award (in the revelation category)

Selected works
2016 Radio One (Naïve)
2016 Autour du Chat (Naïve)
2014 Airelle Besson, Nelson Veras, Prélude (Naïve)
2014 Riccardo del Fra , My chet My song(Cristal Record/Harmonia mundi)
2014 Metronomy, 
Love Letters (Because Music/Warner)
Jeanne Balibar, Slalom Dame(Naïve)

Emile Parisien Quintet featuring Joachim Kühn and guests Michel Portal and Vincent Peirani

Saturday 22 July 2017 - Place Pierre Betz

Yes, Emile Parisien will once again be back in Souillac together with Michel Portal, Vincent Peirani, Joachim Kühn, Manu Codjia and Simon Tailleu. But what will make the evening of 22 July a memorable occasion is the fact that together they will be playing music that is extremely personal, almost intimate, on the square in front of the Abbey. The young saxophonist is now the leader of a group of star musicians who are still tirelessly pursuing their musical quest, taking risks, and producing both surprises and a sonorous blend of pure jazz. Parisien transmits his immense passion, boundless energy and fertile imagination to his friends so that together they are primed to provide us with a new musical experience.
Sfumato, the artistic technique of blurring contours, contrasts with his earlier albums in which his desire to experiment went hand in hand with his enthusiasm for unravelling. Now the sensitive intimacy of Parisien the composer is reflected in the music of the group which leads him into new pastures. A fresh experience in which fantasy plays the narrative role and each, often lengthy, musical phrase is refined, highly detailed, delicate and yet powerful. A poignant and beautiful performance.

Émile Parisien
, soprano and tenor saxophones
Joachim Kühn
, piano
Manu Codjia
, guitar
Simon Tailleu, double bass
Mario Costa, drums

Michel Portal, clarinettes
Vincent Peirani, accordion

2014, artist of the year (Victoires du Jazz)
2012, winner of the Django Reinhardt prize (Académie du Jazz)
2009, winner in the Revelation category of French instrumentalists (Victoires du jazz)
2009, winner of the Jazz Migration programme (AFIJMA)
2009, winner of the Jazz Primeur prize (Culturesfrance)

Selected works
2016 Émile Parisien 5tet feat. Joachim Kühn, Sfumato (ACT)
2015 Vincent Peirani 5tet,
Living Being (ACT)
2014 Émile Parisien et Vincent Peirani, Belle époque (ACT)
2014 Émile Parisien 4tet, Spezial Snack (ACT)
Daniel Humair: Sweet and Sour (Laborie jazz)
Jean-Paul Céléa, Yes Ornette (Out Note Records)
Yaron Herman, Alter Ego (ACT)
2012 Émile Parisien 4tet, Chien Guêpe (Laborie jazz)
2009 Émile Parisien 4tet, Original pimpant (Laborie jazz)
2006 Émile Parisien 4tet, Au revoir porc-épic (Laborie jazz)
2000 Émile Parisien 5tet, Éphémère (auto-produit Famimra)


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