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46e festival de jazz « Sim Copans » de Souillac !

La belle musique a résonné à Souillac en juillet 2021 grâce à l'implication de tous,  malgré des conditions compliquées, et au soutien de nos partenaires publics et privés et de nos fidèles spectateurs, un immense merci à eux tous!

La pandémie...


46e festival de jazz « Sim Copans » de Souillac !

La belle musique a résonné à Souillac en juillet 2021 grâce à l'implication de tous,  malgré des conditions compliquées, et au soutien de nos partenaires publics et privés et de nos fidèles spectateurs, un immense merci à eux tous!

La pandémie change le monde, nous devons rebondir comme Martin Luther King qui a donné sa vie pour changer le monde, c’est ce rêve que véhiculent  nos musiciennes et musiciens, c’est ce rêve qui nous motive,  c’est ce rêve que Frank Cassenti réalise avec son film « Changer le monde » qu’il présentera à Souillac.

Après notre nouveau rendez-vous « live » à l’église de Calès qui a donné lieu à un CD de Joëlle Léandre « at Souillac en jazz », en 2022 outre celui-ci, ce sera un nouveau changement avec un concert gratuit pour la ville de Souillac et ses souillagais.

2022, c’est un tiers de musiciennes (violoncelle, voix, marimba, percussions, violon alto, clarinette) dont Ana Carla Maza, la fille de Carlos accueilli en 1993 et 2002, c’est le retour de Renaud Garcia-Fons avec cette année le pianiste Dorantes et la latinité de ces derniers avec « La Flor »et « Paseo a dos » ;  c’est l’Afrique de « Bengue » de Fidel Fourneyron et l’histoire de la migration. La migration, c’est aussi celle du jazz avec le trio Suzanne et le voyage sidéral et sidérant du 3e étage de la fusée Supersonic de Thomas de Pourquery et son « Back to the moon ». Bien sûr, nous ferons notre 17e voyage au centre de la terre dans les grottes de Lacave avec Eric Séva et Daniel Zimmermann.

2022, notre beau « fond de scène »,  l’abbatiale Sainte-Marie, sélectionnée par la mission Bern, commence sa restauration.

Que le voyage commence, … pour changer le monde !

Robert Peyrillou, directeur artistique et président.



.les concerts en anglais 2013

Daniel Humair “Sweet & Sour” Quartet

Daniel Humair, Émile Parisien, Vincent Peirani and Jérôme Regard give free rein to music in “a new excursion into uncharted territory, departing from traditional aesthetics while staying very close to the language and pulse of jazz”.

The musician and painter Daniel Humair, considered to be one of the greatest drummers in the world today, has played with many of the great names in jazz: Chet Baker, Martial Solal, Stéphane Grapelli, Joachim Kühn, Eddy Louiss, Bud Powell, Eric Dolphy, Jim Hall, Anthony Braxton. For several years he has been bringing young musicians together to explore “music based on exchange” – jazz.

His “New Reunion » is an impressive example of collective improvisation in which one can detect the strains of popular dance music (“musette”), with a few notes of a waltz, blues or a hint of bop and the suggestion of Middle East and folk melodies.

The result is a vibrant whirl of music bursting out of this collective offering full of joy, humour and laughter and producing a new sound so that the spectator can only delight in all the surprises.

Emile Parisien, a young saxophonist from the Lot, was awarded the 2012 Jazz Academy prize for best jazz musician of the year.

Daniel Humair, drums
Émile Parisien, sporano saxophone
Vincent Peirani, accordion
Jérôme Regard, bass guitar

Renaud Garcia-Fons “solo”

To call this concert a solo performance would be over-simplistic because Renaud Garcia-Fons transforms his double bass into a universal instrument: by using a fifth string (added to the treble register), by the way he strikes and strokes the strings, uses the bow and slaps the body and also through his technique of recording musical motifs played back in loops.

It would equally be over-simplistic to talk about a technical performance because the player and the double bass evoke a captivating world of musical poetry: hints at the countries of the Mediterranean and Africa, Ireland and Latin America gradually frame an imaginary journey into which we are inevitably drawn.

I want to tell stories that cannot be told using words. Travel to lands without knowing where I am going. Music holds us captive, we have no idea of where we are going but we are absorbed by something beyond our comprehension”. Classical, baroque and medieval music, jazz and rock mingle in an “imaginary journey of a double bass through time and space”.

So it is time to be surprised, enchanted and to let ourselves be carried away in a stream of light. Welcome to the world of pure poetry.

Michel Portal / Vincent Peirani duo

Michel Portal, clarinettist, bandoneon player (a sort of concertina) and saxophonist, enjoys creating music with instrumentalists from all walks of life. In Souillac, he has already delighted spectators playing with Andy Emler, François Moutin, Daniel Humair and accordionist Richard Galliano, and then with the latter in a duo, and also with Louis Sclavis, Bojan Z, Bruno Chevillon and Eric Echampard.

Vincent Peirani, a young accordionist, who studied classical clarinet, likes dabbling in variety and also contemporary music. His speciality lies in contrasts and creating a surprise but he also plays in a more classicalstyle, boldly mixing art and popular music in a whirlwind of sound.

The magic of this duo lies in laying bare our emotions. Each concert is a surprise – something between jazz and popular music, music which appeals. The fabric of sound is extremely melodic and can be either poetic and delicate or joyous and rhythmic. Reminiscent of lacework, the sounds we hear are exquisite – they join to form a knot, blending boldness born of virtuosity with the more traditional sounds to which we are accustomed.

Michel Portal, bass clarinet, clarinet
Vincent Peirani, accordion

Roberto Fonseca “yo”

Roberto Fonseca is a pianist and a Cuban. In his performance entitled “Yo” he assets this dual identity in many different ways: a pianist, his fingers fly across several different keyboards – the Fender Rhodes, the Hammond organ and the piano; as a Cuban, influenced by African culture and the beat of the Caribbean, he is marked by the spirituality of the Cuban Santería religion.

Robert Fonseca was a pianist in the Buena Vista Social Club from 2001 to 2004. He was intrigued by avant-garde urban music, somewhere between hip-hop and electro. In “Yo” (meaning “I”) he returns to the African roots of jazz and Cuban music.

With his sextet, Roberto Fonseca builds bridges linking Gnawa and Yoruba rhythms – the foundations of African music – to the Caribbean Islands. Intent on exploring a world of sound which fascinates him and mixing music based on Afro-Latin rhythms with soul and jazz, he develops the concept of a union between electronic and traditional African instruments. A simple yet captivating melody combined with Latino overtones and a dance-like frenzy result in a summer celebration.

Yo”, the pianist’s latest CD, was ranked No. 1 in the Jazz News 2012 Top Ten.

Roberto Fonseca, piano, keyboard
Jorge Chicoy, guitar
Yandi Martinez, bass, electric bass
Ramsés Rodriguez, drums
Joel Hierrezuelo, percussion
Cherif Soumano, kora, tama

Le Trio d'en bas

The “Trio d’en bas” describes itself as a musical group performing on stage with the aim of entertaining the spectators. And indeed, the musicians put on a genuine show in which their music is part of a process of interaction with the public and is in harmony with the venue. They could not fail to be tempted to perform in such an incongruous location as an underground cavern! The instrumentalists, who are somewhat eccentric and yet meticulous, entrance their audience with their entertaining music. They have been aptly described as occupying a slot somewhere between the Lubat company and Bertolt Brecht. The title of their performance (and their CD) is “Le trio d’en bas enlève le haut”.

Arnaud Rouanet clarinet, tenor saxophone, Samuel Bourille piano, Yohan Scheidt drums.

Abdu Salim Sextet

A mysterious aura surrounds the tall silhouette of the American saxophonist Abdu Salim. At times his music reveals the hidden depths of his memory – black American jazz which in the Sixties enthused audiences in the basement cellars of Paris and in Seville and Toulouse. Sharing music has been his purpose in life for over thirty years. He founded the first school of Andalusian jazz and still teaches in Toulouse. Today he brings his wealth of musical experience – in which we can sometimes detect the style of his former companions Johnny Copeland, Billy Hart, Slide Hampton or Ellis Marsalis – into contact with the energy and inventiveness of five young musicians from Toulouse.

Abdu Salim, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute
Nicolas Gardel, trumpet, bugle
Olivier Sabatier, trombone
Rémi Leclerc, piano
Maxim Delporte, bass guitar
Frédéric Petitprez, drums

Souillac jazz festival – music on the fringe

Transforming the town into an open-air theatre

The Souillac jazz festival is a landmark festival whose programme with three major evening concerts is its big attraction which has sealed its reputation as a prestigious event. But what goes virtually unnoticed in the press is the fringe event which for a whole week brings music right into the streets and into close contact with the public. From morning till early evening over a period of several days, everyone can enjoy the street music before going to the Place Pierre-Betz in the evening to listen to the main concerts. During festival week there are almost forty hours of free music on offer, mainly in Souillac but also in Pinsac and Lachapelle-Auzac.

For the musicians playing on the fringe, performing in the streets is a challenge to which they rise with enthusiasm: it consists of creating a rapport with people passing through the town. This is not something which happens spontaneously; it takes experience to convey the message in one’s music and contact with people is what drives improvisation. In a word, the musicians transform the town into an open-air theatre.

For the festival organisers and their partners (primarily the Souillac town council) the fringe event is also an opportunity to bring music to those who cannot get out to go and listen to it, for example residents in retirement and nursing homes and children at nursery school.

Come and listen to the three big concerts on Place Pierre-Betz, which are the main events and which have given the festival its reputation in the world of music. In addition, come and enjoy the daytime street concerts which make the town swing to the rhythm of jazz throughout the week.

The main aim of the festival is to bring culture into a rural area. Music on the fringe provides the public with opportunities to interact with jazz musicians, bringing together different forms of art, giving free rein to artistic expression and promoting a festive atmosphere for both the musicians and the public to enjoy.






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