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46e festival de jazz « Sim Copans » de Souillac !

La belle musique a résonné à Souillac en juillet 2021 grâce à l'implication de tous,  malgré des conditions compliquées, et au soutien de nos partenaires publics et privés et de nos fidèles spectateurs, un immense merci à eux tous!

La pandémie...


46e festival de jazz « Sim Copans » de Souillac !

La belle musique a résonné à Souillac en juillet 2021 grâce à l'implication de tous,  malgré des conditions compliquées, et au soutien de nos partenaires publics et privés et de nos fidèles spectateurs, un immense merci à eux tous!

La pandémie change le monde, nous devons rebondir comme Martin Luther King qui a donné sa vie pour changer le monde, c’est ce rêve que véhiculent  nos musiciennes et musiciens, c’est ce rêve qui nous motive,  c’est ce rêve que Frank Cassenti réalise avec son film « Changer le monde » qu’il présentera à Souillac.

Après notre nouveau rendez-vous « live » à l’église de Calès qui a donné lieu à un CD de Joëlle Léandre « at Souillac en jazz », en 2022 outre celui-ci, ce sera un nouveau changement avec un concert gratuit pour la ville de Souillac et ses souillagais.

2022, c’est un tiers de musiciennes (violoncelle, voix, marimba, percussions, violon alto, clarinette) dont Ana Carla Maza, la fille de Carlos accueilli en 1993 et 2002, c’est le retour de Renaud Garcia-Fons avec cette année le pianiste Dorantes et la latinité de ces derniers avec « La Flor »et « Paseo a dos » ;  c’est l’Afrique de « Bengue » de Fidel Fourneyron et l’histoire de la migration. La migration, c’est aussi celle du jazz avec le trio Suzanne et le voyage sidéral et sidérant du 3e étage de la fusée Supersonic de Thomas de Pourquery et son « Back to the moon ». Bien sûr, nous ferons notre 17e voyage au centre de la terre dans les grottes de Lacave avec Eric Séva et Daniel Zimmermann.

2022, notre beau « fond de scène »,  l’abbatiale Sainte-Marie, sélectionnée par la mission Bern, commence sa restauration.

Que le voyage commence, … pour changer le monde !

Robert Peyrillou, directeur artistique et président.



.concerts 2019 en anglais

The Cavale quintet 
Monday, 15 July on the church square in Pinsac
In 2003, the Souillac en Jazz festival organised a concert in Pinsac for the first time, featuring a guitarist and a singer. “Smiles lit up the spectators’ faces, their hands clapped to the rhythm and their feet tapped to the tempo. The square was packed.” Since then the concerts have taken on another dimension but the original “Pinsac atmosphere” has retained its warmth and the conviviality of people enjoying music together.

In 2019, Prêle Abelanet’s quintet, Cavale, will be on the stage in front of the picturesque village church performing jazz with shades of the cinema, the circus, the fairground, rock, tango and world music often originating in the Balkans. The group’s music draws on stories from life and folklore. Playing the accordion, tenor saxophone, trumpet, double bass and drums, the five musicians share their emotions and poetry. Their melodies are fresh, surprising, melancholic or full of the joie de vivre.

In the cosy twilight atmosphere of a village in the Lot, we can sit back and listen to a story full of surprises and musical adventures.

Prêle Abelanet, composition, accordion

Alexis Lenoir, tenor saxophone

Arne Wernink, trumpet

Pierre Baradel, drums

Olivier Chevoppe, double bass


The Bruel / Marre / Thuillier Trio – the Aerophones
Tuedsay, 16 July in the caves at Lacave

The sound of brass in caves!

The cool air of the caves at Lacave will blow through the Aerophones’ large, low-pitched tuba and the bellows of the accordion and also, for this special performance, through the gleaming flugelhorn to give us song, groove and jazz. François Thuillier, the tuba player and also a key figure in the well known groups of Martial Solal and Andy Emler, and accordionist Alain Bruel, a colleague of fellow jazz musician Jean-Marc Padovani, have been mulling over this project for some ten years. They will be joined on stage by trumpeter Michel Marre. Together they create their own language to tell musical tales taken from other sources or invented by themselves. We can be sure that they will be attentive to the mysterious whisperings of the caves and will weave them into a new and poetical web of sound.

The huge and impressive cavern beneath its high stone vault will resonate to the sound of their jovial and joyous music born of the complicity of three friends whose sense of humour and brio will be evident.

Alain Bruel, accordion

Michel Marre, bugle

François Thuillier, tuba

Access to the site of the concert is by train from the main entrance. The last train leaves at 20.30.


Three Days of Forest  
1st concert on Thursday, 18 July on the Place Pierre Betz in Souillac

Souillac en Jazz is very pleased to help with the development of innovative French jazz with this “Jazz Migration” concert. In partnership with the Jazzé Croisé association, the festival provides the public with an opportunity to discover young French musicians, the work they are doing, their research and the innovating direction in which the jazz of a not far-off tomorrow is moving.

The unusual trio of Three Days of Forest, voice – drums – viola, composed of three musicians, two women and one man, is one of the young groups intent on exploring a multitude of avenues. But not by starting just anywhere, as this group tends to combine its music with other artistic forms such as dance, the visual arts, plastic arts and, in the case of this concert, literature. The poems of two Afro-American female poets, Gwendolyn Brooks and Rita Dove, form the basis for their compositions. Cries of distress and desiderata, delicate and tender melodies, occasionally childlike, erupt out of songs which sometimes sound like the chanting of a mysterious magical spell. Against this original background glimpses of life are portrayed through poetry. The music, enriched by sound effects and magnified by the highly melodic beat of the drum, takes on a trance-like dimension.

The festival provides a platform for the younger generation trying to give expression something new and experimental in its own version of jazz.

Angela Flahaut, vocals

Florent Satche, drums

Séverine Morfin, viola

Andreas Schaerer Quartet - A Novel of Anomaly
2nd concert on Thursday, 18 July on the Place Pierre Betz in Souillac

Andreas Schaerer is a distinctive and highly inventive Swiss vocalist who plays an essential role in creative music. The group in which he will be featuring, consisting of Finnish guitarist Kalle Kalima, Italian accordion player Luciano Biondini and American drummer Jarrod Cagwin, will be putting on a musical performance entitled “A Novel of Anomaly”. Immersed in a lyrical cocoon, which the accordion either reinforces or, in contrast, shakes up, the audience will hear songs recounting stories in a variety of languages with different sounds – guttural German and Latin Romansch but above all soft and melodic Italian sung with a purity and childlike candour. Andreas Schaerer, who has become a major voice on the contemporary jazz scene, both surprises and charms us with his virtuoso vocal acrobatics ranging from lyrical song to beat-boxing, scat and the imitation of sounds, speech song and other genres. The Mediterranean overtones mingle with jazz improvisation, folk yodelling, rock and blues, with sidesteps towards bossa nova and reggae. What a delightful surprise to witness such an explosion of joy in a poetic surge that produces a story book built on a new mix of the cultural and musical heritage of each musician.

Andreas Schaerer, vocals

Luciano Biondini, accordion

Kalle Kalima, guitar

Jarrod Cagwin, drums

Concert organised with the support of AJC / Pro Helvetia


2015, “Revelation of the year”, Jazzmagazine

2015, prize for best international vocalist, Echo Jazz Awards

2014, BMW World Jazz Award,


2018, A Novel of Anomaly - ACT Music – (programme at the concert in Souillac)

2017, The Big Wig - ACT Music

2017, Out of Land - ACT Music with E.Parisien, V.Peirani, M.Wollny

2013, Hildegard Lernt Fliegen - Enja

2013, Arcanum - Intakt Records duo with L.Niggli

2013, At the Edge of Seven - Unit Records with M.Eberle, P.Rom


 Henri Texier Sand Quintet 

Friday, 19 July on the Place Pierre Betz in Souillac

There is always music close by just waiting to be espoused and enabling the musician to go further in his ambition, walk in the steps of his predecessors, bring out new sensations, produce different vibrations and give new shape to earlier compositions which have faded and been forgotten”. This is how Henri Texier describes the impetus which pushed him into creating this new project entitled “Sand Woman”. He inspires his fellow musicians into breathing new life into earlier pieces which he played solo but as a multi-instrumentalist back in the 1970s. Against a background of instantly recognisable melodies bearing his stamp, the double bass player sets out on a journey to renew, multiply and diversify emotions that run deep into our core. Two saxophonists, Sébastien Texier and François Corneloup, play in a sonorous alliance to produce a warmth of colour or striking contrasts. The Souillac jazz festival faithfuls are familiar with the power and melodic rhythm of the inspired pieces played solo by guitarist Manu Codjia who has come to Souillac three times. Playing alongside the emblematic father figure of Henri Texier on his double bass, the rhythmic beat of the young drummer Gautier Garrigue takes the music and improvisations into new territory. Waves of emotions sweep through the audience, evoking tenderness or sadness, anger or hope, dreams and astonishment. The profound feeling of spirituality generated by the domes of the Romanesque Abbey church will join with the force of free music in a great festival of jazz.

Henri Texier, double bass

Sébastien Texier, alto saxophone and clarinet

François Corneloup, bass saxophone

Manu Codjia, guitar

Gautier Garrigue, drums


2016, Grand prix of the Charles Cros Academy


2018, Sand Woman – Label bleu - (programme concert de Souillac)

2017, 30th anniversary concert – Label bleu

2016, Dakota Mab - (Live at the Theater Gütersloh) -Intuition Records

2015, Sky Dancers – Label bleu

2012, “L’Improviste” – Label bleu

Avishai Cohen Trio 
Saturday, 20 July on the Place Pierre Betz in Souillac

On 23 July 2011, the Souillac en Jazz audience gave a standing ovation to double bass player, singer and composer Avishai Cohen and his trio. People were singing, dancing, laughing and joining in the fun. According to one review “There is something almost hypnotic about going back to personal and cultural sources which, subtly and intelligently, transcend the individual and the cultural and become a rediscovery of the origins of music. Something human. Back with his trademark group, the trio, Avishai Cohen continues his quest into the essence of classical, jazz and Middle Eastern music with the intention of touching each of us in the innermost core of our being. Today, he performs his art and music with new musicians, but still in a piano, double bass and drum trio, and still with an intense focus on collective energy as an essential force for improvisation.

His melodic jazz takes us on a tour of world music and the sensual, rich and subtle realm of latino music. Building on the energy that flows first between the musicians and then out to the public, this unique force which only the very gifted can mobilise, Avishai Cohen will sweep delighted spectators into the momentum pushing him towards the very essence of music.

Avishai Cohen, double bass, vocals

Elchin Shirinov, piano

Noam David, drums


2013, prize for the best international double bass player in the Echo Jazz Awards

2012, Nadav Peoplehood Award


2017, 1970 - Sony

2015, From Darkness (trio) – Sunnyside records

2013, Almah (trio) – Parlophone Music

2012, Duende – Sunnyside records

2011, Seven Seas (trio) – Sunnyside records

2009, Aurora – Parlophone Music

2008, Gently Disturbed (trio) - Razdaz


 Animation 2019


A jazz trio from the Lot. In a lively partnership the three musicians have fun with jazz classics and well known pop hits, sharing their enjoyment with an energetic swing.

Patrice Landes, bass guitar

Laurent Grimaux, drums

Jean-Paul Rollinat, piano


Les Tire-bouchons (The Corkscrews)

A swing quartet from Toulouse specialising in gypsy jazz. Their originality consists in combining the liveliness of gypsy jazz with a Coltrane-style saxophone and a dual guitar and double bass rhythm. The result is joyful and full of humour and energy. 

Melissa Renard, double bass

Olivier Abry, saxophones

Guillaume Javelaud, guitar

Simon Matard, guitar


Les Filibusters

A Funk’n’roll fanfare group from Toulouse

Six pirate musicians overturn the classical rules of brass instrument bands to take them down into the murkier waters of funk and rock. An energetic display of jazz in a party atmosphere. 

Jonas Chirouze, snare drum

Lucas Perbet, base drum

Reno Silva Couto, alto saxophone

Vincent Desplantez, tenor saxophone

David Mimey, baritone saxophone

Mickaël Hostier / Camille Eissautier, sousaphone


Bismut - Minardi Chamber Jazz Trio

When French violonist Gabriel Bismut and Italian accordionist-pianist Maurizio Minardi play together, the result is a cross-blend of music in which airs of Rossini encounter those of Brel or Piaf, of Nino Rota and tango which guitarist Barthélemy Seyer colours with an occasional touch of gypsy jazz. A personal world of melodic jazz provides the opportunity for a meeting between Italy and France.


Maurizio Minardi, piano, accordion

Gabriel Bismut, violin

Bathélemy Seyer, guitar


The LOT of Jazz

A group of amateur “jazz loving” musicians from the Lot department! The seven members of the group will provide plenty of surprises as they play jazz classics all along the walk around Souillac starting from the car park in Lamothe-Timbergue at 14.00 on Sunday 14 July.


Valérie Dedieu: singer

Vincent Sabaros: drum

Didier Delamare: guitar

David Crescenzo: double bass

Fred Evrard: trumpet

Jean-Pierre Delpy: tenor saxophone

Hugues Lascombes: soporano saxophone



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