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46e festival de jazz « Sim Copans » de Souillac !

La belle musique a résonné à Souillac en juillet 2021 grâce à l'implication de tous,  malgré des conditions compliquées, et au soutien de nos partenaires publics et privés et de nos fidèles spectateurs, un immense merci à eux tous!

La pandémie...


46e festival de jazz « Sim Copans » de Souillac !

La belle musique a résonné à Souillac en juillet 2021 grâce à l'implication de tous,  malgré des conditions compliquées, et au soutien de nos partenaires publics et privés et de nos fidèles spectateurs, un immense merci à eux tous!

La pandémie change le monde, nous devons rebondir comme Martin Luther King qui a donné sa vie pour changer le monde, c’est ce rêve que véhiculent  nos musiciennes et musiciens, c’est ce rêve qui nous motive,  c’est ce rêve que Frank Cassenti réalise avec son film « Changer le monde » qu’il présentera à Souillac.

Après notre nouveau rendez-vous « live » à l’église de Calès qui a donné lieu à un CD de Joëlle Léandre « at Souillac en jazz », en 2022 outre celui-ci, ce sera un nouveau changement avec un concert gratuit pour la ville de Souillac et ses souillagais.

2022, c’est un tiers de musiciennes (violoncelle, voix, marimba, percussions, violon alto, clarinette) dont Ana Carla Maza, la fille de Carlos accueilli en 1993 et 2002, c’est le retour de Renaud Garcia-Fons avec cette année le pianiste Dorantes et la latinité de ces derniers avec « La Flor »et « Paseo a dos » ;  c’est l’Afrique de « Bengue » de Fidel Fourneyron et l’histoire de la migration. La migration, c’est aussi celle du jazz avec le trio Suzanne et le voyage sidéral et sidérant du 3e étage de la fusée Supersonic de Thomas de Pourquery et son « Back to the moon ». Bien sûr, nous ferons notre 17e voyage au centre de la terre dans les grottes de Lacave avec Eric Séva et Daniel Zimmermann.

2022, notre beau « fond de scène »,  l’abbatiale Sainte-Marie, sélectionnée par la mission Bern, commence sa restauration.

Que le voyage commence, … pour changer le monde !

Robert Peyrillou, directeur artistique et président.



.Evening concerts 2015

Sunday 19 July at 21.15 – church square in Pinsac – free concert

Bluemary Swing and guest Michel Herblin

It all started with a duo from the Corrèze: Marie Estrade, singer, saxophonist and clarinettist and Marco Estrade on the guitar. Marie played with the stars but also in the Paris metro before moving closer to Souillac to create her own group and play jazz, her passion in life.

Bluemary Swing is a group consisting of talented musicians who take pleasure in playing together. Because real enjoyment is to be found when talents are shared with others, they offer the public a selection of popular music: from traditional or contemporary jazz to French variety, taking in gospel and blues.

Michel Herblin, a “sculptor of air currents” is an internationally renowned harmonica player who has to date brought out two albums: “Matin aux Pommes” and “Golden Melodies” (2011). Mary and Michel will play classics reworked with the Bluemary Swing stamp in addition to their own compositions. At their concert they will also be giving us a taste of their new project “Du souffle aux cordes”.

Marie Estrade: clarinette, alto saxophone, singer

Michel Herblin: diatonic harmonicas

Marco Estrade: guitar

Auguste Caron: drums

Jean-Pierre Kuntz: double bass

Guest: Claude Mirandola: trumpet

Monday 20 July 2015 at 20.30 in the caves at Lacave
(Reservations are essential: tickets are available at the Souillac Valley of the Dordogne Tourist Office, telephone 05 65 33 22 00)

 Isabelle Olivier and Lisa Cat-Berro play as a duo

The caves at Lacave with their excellent acoustics provide an opportunity for an as yet unheard musical treat: a harp and a saxophone will engage in a dialogue in this mysterious arena. The two jazzwomen, who are both instrumentalists and composers, will take advantage of the sounds that bounce off the rocks to create a new musical experience full of verve and imagination. Drawing on well known melodies as well as their own compositions, the two musicians, equally responsive and inventive, will enthusiastically share with the audience the distinctive creativity of their instruments and the charm and lyricism of their jazz. Never before will a harp and a saxophone have performed so well together in the depths of a cave – a rare concert in a unique setting.

  • Biographical details

Lisa Cat-Berro

2007 obtains her saxophone diploma from the CNSM in Paris
2007 takes part in the project entitled “Sweet nothings” with pupils from secondary schools in the 19th district of Paris
2011 plays in Rhoda Scott’s Lady Quartet with Sophie Alour and Julie Saury
2011 founds the Ayoka group with African and Caribbean musicians
2012 plays with Les Experts for Souillac’s Jazz in the Valley event to commemorate the centenary of Sim Copans

Isabelle Olivier

Classical harp studies

1991 creates the Ocean group
2006 plays solo and in a dialogue with Olivier Sens on the computer
2007 brings out her first DVD Harpes
2007 creates a new show with Guido Zorn and Joël Allouche
2007 plays with Youn Sun Nah, Peter Erskine, Louis Scavis and David Venitucci
2009 creates the Big Sea Band

Has composed music for films including Les Glaneurs et la Glaneuse by Agnès Varda and L'Esquive by Abdellatif Kechiche.

  • Selected recordings

Lisa Cat-Berro

2013 Inside Air Gaya Music Production

Isabelle Olivier

2005 Island #41
My foolish harp ENJA/Harmonia Mundi
Dodecasongs ENJA/Harmonia Mundi

  • Awards

Lisa Cat-Berro

2013 Inside Air nominated in the Jazz Victories event

Isabelle Olivier

2006 nominated for the Jazz Victories in the “Revelation of the Year” section

Tuesday 21 July 2015 at 21.15 – Place Pierre Betz

  Special concert to celebrate the 40th festival

 In 1976 the Swing Machine Big Band was one of the groups featuring in the programme of the Souillac Jazz Festival. At the time it was a young orchestra which had been created in Cahors in 1969. It took the stage in the first episode of an adventure which was just beginning. In 2015, le Swing Machine Big Band and its twenty-one musicians will returning to the stage as a special guest though not for the first time as it took part in the festival twice during the 1980s. A few of the musicians who were present in 1976 will be playing in the orchestra on 21 July this year and the occasion will inevitably be full of emotion and memories. Like the festival, the orchestra, the majority of whose members are amateur musicians, has continued to move on with its repertoire of jazz. It will be playing “latin jazz” taking its inspiration from Arturo Sandovall . To bring a further dimension to the stage, the Big Band’s special guest will be American singer Sara Lazarus. Discreet and sensitive, she will be singing famous songs by Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday and Ray Charles.

All the volunteers, past and present, who have worked for the festival are looking forward to this concert as a “special 40th festival celebration” as are the inhabitants of Souillac, who have for the last forty years taken part in this exceptional summer event. The Souillac Jazz Festival is proud to offer the public this unique concert, a moving throwback to its beginnings and a new page in the long score of forty festivals.

Sara Lazarus

After completing her saxophone and singing studies, American singer Sara Lazarus joined the Illinois Jacquet orchestra in 1984. This launched her on a successful career in vocal jazz during which she has won many awards. After her studies she settled in France and took part in a large number of projects with French musicians such as Jacky Terrasson, Manuel Rocheman and Biréli Lagrene. She has been teaching vocal jazz in Paris for over twenty years.

Selected recordings

Anything Goes, 2000, with Patrice Caratini’s Jazz Ensemble (Harmonia Mundi)
Give Me the Simple Life
, 2005 (Dreyfus Jazz)
It’s All Right with Me
, 2006, with Biréli Lagrene’s Gipsy Project

The Swing Machine Big Band from Cahors was created en 1969 by Jean Astruc, Alain Randanxhe, Marce Decima and Pierre Maisonneuve who was its first leader. All its members were amateur musicians with the exception of two professionals.

Thursday 23 July at 21.15 – Place Pierre Betz

 Thomas de Pourquery - Supersonic

Concerts on Thursdays in festival week have a special reputation: inventiveness and sharing. We well remember Arcoluz, the Luc-Collignon duo, Nguyen Lê, the Daniel Humair quartet, Francesco Bearzatti and many others. Is this because of the Thursday evening atmosphere – the first concert on the Place Pierre Betz, the relaxed feeling of Souillac in summer – or is it due to the keen expectations of the public? Whatever it is, the musicians are always particularly inventive, bold and receptive to the audience and what is shared by both parties is an astonishing, explosive and jubilatory experience.

Thomas de Pourquery, Sun Ra and Supersonic hold out the promise of another unforgettable Thursday. It has taken the saxophonist-cum-singer-cum-arranger two years to create a concert which, on the face of it, appears an impossible challenge: to play Sun Ra’s music with all its force, humour and spirituality. Sun Ra, that indefinable musician whose name is known to all jazz lovers - the solar poet, a symbol of Afro-American music, pioneer of electronic music - has blazed a trail for Thomas de Pourquery and his companions who interpret Sun Ra’s works so masterfully.

Boisterous, lyrical, amusing, powerful and sometimes extravagant, Supersonic will generate a solar wind on another Thursday in July against the backdrop of the illuminated Abbey.


Thomas de Pourquery, leader, arranger, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, lead vocalist, theremin, melodica, percussion
Arnaud Roulin, keyboards, piano, vocals
Edward Perraud, drums, percussion, electronics, vocals
Frederick Galiay, bass, electronics, vocals
Fabrice Martinez, trumpet, bass saxophone, percussion, vocals
Laurent Bardainne, tenor saxophone

Some biographical details

Thomas de Pourquery

7 July 1977 – born in Bondy
1994 – starts playing the saxophone while training at a high level for rugby
2000 – plays in the Big Band Lumière led by Laurent Cugny, then joins the ONJ; discovers the music of saxophonist Stefano di Battista
2002 – wins first prize for groups in the Concours de la Défense; founds DPZ with Daniel Zimmerman
2004 – joins the Andy Emler Megaoctet
2007 - takes part in Rigolus with many other musicians who go on to join Supersonic
2008 – member of Septik with Médéric Collignon
2011 – resides in Coutances for the Jazz sous les Pommiers festival
2012 – takes part in the creation of the Brain festival, a charity event for victims of degenerative diseases
2014 – creates Supersonic

Selected recordings

2000 - Zimmermann-De Pourquery Quintet, Studio Juno
2004 -
Dreams in tune, Nocturne, (with the Andy Emler Megaoctet)
2007 -
Rigolus, Chief Inspector
2009 -
He’s looking at you kid, E-motive Records (with DPZ)
2014 -
Supersonic “Play Sun Ra”, Quark/L’autre distribution


2009 He’s looking at you kid, CD of the year for Jazz Magazine
2014 Jazz Victory Awards 2014, CD of the year and CD Top 10 in
Jazz News for Supersonic Play Sun Ra
2014 Musician of the year for
Jazz Magazine


Friday 24 July 2015 at 21.15 – Place Pierre Betz. First concert

 Jerry Leonide solo

On Friday 24 July a young pianist from Mauritius, an island which has been home to many different sorts of music, will arrive in Souillac in the department of the Lot. This will not just be an opportunity to greet our twin town of Souillac in Mauritius. It will above all be an occasion to make a pleasant discovery. The ease with which Jerry Leonide plays the piano is reminiscent of great Cuban pianists like Omar Sosa or Roberto Fonseca: his phrasing rises and falls to a dance rhythm and the presence of Africa is in no doubt. The subtle influence of Creole music combined with the power of jazz and swing as a dominating factor make the sound produced by the young pianist irresistible. Jerry Leonide learnt to play music with his father and at a very early age was entertaining the crowds in the tourist centres on Mauritius with blues, gospel, Afro-Cuban music and pop. Later he left his island to study in Paris, urged on by Linley Marthe, and today he is training a quintet and recording an album called The Key, which exemplifies his team spirit. He lets himself be swayed by his creative enthusiasm: “Improvising in jazz fascinates me. When I was very young and starting to play music with my father, I used choruses to express my ideas and that gave me great satisfaction.” A young man, alone at the piano, will have the public swaying on the crest of a series of waves rolling in from a country which has been subject to many different ethnic and musical influences.

Some biographical details

1984 - born in Mauritius
1991 - taught music by his father, a guitarist
1998 - goes on tour with various orchestras
2001 - decides to study jazz in a school of music to master the theory; creates his own trio
2004 – goes to Paris to continue his musical studies
2012 - finalist in the Nottingham International Jazz Piano Competition
2013- awarded first prize in Montreux in the piano solo category
2014 – creates a quartet and records The Key


2014 The Key (ACT 9572-2)

Organised in partnership with the “Souillac Mauritius” twin town committee

Friday 24 July 2015 at 21.15 – Place Pierre Betz. Second concert

The Moutin Factory Quintet –Lucky People

It was inevitable that the Moutin twins would at some stage feature prominently in the lengthy score of the Souillac Jazz Festival. The “Factory”, like the one conceived by Andy Warhol, is a hive of imaginative and creative activity. In it, a group of indefatigable musicians pursue a new type of poetry and lyricism. The quintet first produces a flow of music which the audience recognises and finds appealing. Then, all of a sudden, precise solos of the highest quality emerge against the background. A young pianist, Thomas Enhco, injects his own brand of poetry and energy into the performance. The guitarist, Manu Codjia, plays long series of fascinating notes which keep us spellbound. The most boisterous sounds are probably produced mainly, but not solely, by saxophonist Christophe Monniot. The rhythms beaten out by the twin brothers provide instants in which the music takes off, varying tunes reminiscent of ballads and dances with more tender sequences or irresistible groove, and combining long, energetic and vibrant phrasing with sensual blues.

The audience attending this captivating concert will be the real “Lucky People” this evening.

Factory Quintet

François Moutin, bass
Louis Moutin, drums
Emmanuel Codjia, guitar
Thomas Enhco, piano
Christophe Monniot, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone

Some biographical details

François Moutin

24 December 1961 – born in Paris into a family of musicians

Studies the piano from the age of 5

1976 – starts playing bass guitar and then the double bass
1978- studies in maths and science
1985 – qualifies as an engineer
1985 – decides to become a professional musician
1999 – founds the Moutin Reunion Quartet with Rick Margitza and Pierre de Bethman
2014 – founds the Moutin Factory Quintet


Louis Moutin

24 December 1961 – born in Paris into a family of musicians

Studies the piano from the age of 5

Around 1981 starts playing the drums which
become his preferred instrument
1978 - studies in maths and science
1985 – qualifies as an engineer
1985 - decides to become a professional musician
1999 founds the Moutin Reunion Quartet with Rick Margitza and Pierre de Bethman
2014 – founds the Moutin Factory Quintet

Selected recordings

François and Louis Moutin

2005 - Something like now, Nocturne
2007 -
Sharp turns, Plus loin music
2009 -
Soul Dancers, Plus loin music
2013 -
Lucky People, Plus loin music

Thomas Enhco

2012 – Fireflies, Label bleu
2015 -
Looking for the moose, Universal

Christophe Monniot

2013 - Station Mir, Le Triton

Manu Codjia

2010 - Covers, Bee jazz


2005 Django-Reinhardt Prize awarded by the Jazz Academy for the Moutin brothers

2013 Jazz Victory Awards, in the revelation category, for Thomas Enhco

Saturday 25 July 2015 at 21.15 – Place Pierre Betz

A fabulous climax
The Kenny Garrett 5tet

The American saxophonist Kenny Garrett, who played with Miles Davis and who can claim to follow in the footsteps of John Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders, is still moving on and now plays jazz of a more dynamic nature. On Saturday evening, bringing the festival to its close, he and his quintet will be playing his own compositions from the albums Seeds from the underground (2012) and Pushing the world away (2013). The musicians accompanying him each make their own input with rhythms from hip-hop, soul and gospel; the most modern Afro-American music is transformed into jazz bearing the hallmarks of be-bop, funk and Coltranian spiritualism. Then there is the incredible sound of the saxophonist which is astonishing as the tempos accelerate, fascinating throughout his rapid phrasing – the Kenny Garrett sound which has made him a legend. From Memphis Slim and Marie Knight, in 1976, to Kenny Garrett in 2015 – the whole palette of the sounds of jazz. This will be a concert which will bring the audience to its feet under the influence of a powerful wave of music with its African roots.

Kenny Garrett, alto saxophone

Vernell Brown, piano

Corcoran Holt, bass

McClenty Hunter, drums

Rudy Bird, percussion

Some biographical details

Born in Detroit, Michigan on 09.10.1960

1978 - joins the Duke Ellington Orchestra conducted by Mercer Ellington, Duke’s son
1981- plays in the Mel Lewis Orchestra and the Dannie Richmond Quartet
1984 – records his first album as leader
1988 – plays with Miles Davis
2008-2009 – on tour with Chick Corea, John McLaughlin, Christian Mc Bride and Brian Blade

During his career Kenny has played with a whole host of musicians such as Miles Davis, Art Blakey, Freddie Hubbard, McCoy Tyner, Pharoah Sanders, Ron Carter, Elvin Jones, Marcus Miller, Herbie Hancock, Brad Mehldau and many others.

Selected recordings

1989 - Prisoner of Love, Atlantic (guest Miles Davis)
1996 -
Pursuance: The Music of John Coltrane, Warner Bros.
2008 -
Sketches of MD, Mack Avenue
Seeds from the Underground, Mack Avenue
2013 -
Pushing the World Away, Mack Avenue


2010 - Grammy Award for Five Peace Band
2012 - nominated as Best Traditional Jazz Artist for the Soul Train Award; two nominations in the Grammy Awards
2013 - nominated for Grammy Awards in the category of Best Instrumental Jazz Album
2014 - nominated for Grammy Awards in the category of Best Instrumental Jazz Album





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