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Avec tristesse, l’Association pour le festival de jazz « Sim Copans » de Souillac a décidé de reporter son festival qui devait se dérouler du 18 au 25 juillet prochain.

Le 45e « Souillac en jazz » se déroulera du 17 au 24 juillet 2021

et nous sommes déjà  impatients de vous retrouver à nos côtés.



Avec tristesse, l’Association pour le festival de jazz « Sim Copans » de Souillac a décidé de reporter son festival qui devait se dérouler du 18 au 25 juillet prochain.

Le 45e « Souillac en jazz » se déroulera du 17 au 24 juillet 2021

et nous sommes déjà  impatients de vous retrouver à nos côtés.

Afin d’avoir la visibilité nécessaire à la poursuite de notre travail, il était nécessaire de réunir certaines conditions essentielles : la garantie des règles sanitaires strictes pour préserver la sécurité de nos bénévoles, de notre public, de nos artistes (certains pouvaient être empêchés suite aux restrictions de circulation dans l’espace Schengen), de nos prestataires. Il est de notre responsabilité de garantir la santé de tous. Il était également nécessaire d’avoir l'autorisation des autorités publiques et le soutien de nos partenaires publics mais aussi de nos partenaires privés qui subissent également une situation de crise sans précédent. 

Les risques sont trop importants et une annulation au dernier moment  compromettrait non seulement le festival 2020 mais également le devenir de notre association. La santé de la population l’emporte bien évidemment sur toutes les autres considérations, notre festival s’adresse à tous les publics, vulnérables ou non, et chacun doit pouvoir venir à Souillac sans la moindre crainte de cette pandémie, le jazz est une musique qui rassemble et qui ne discrimine pas les publics. Il ne serait pas concevable d’aller à la crèche et de ne pas aller à l’EHPAD comme chaque année par exemple.

Nous travaillons d’ores et déjà à reporter certains concerts hors saison et en juillet 2021.

Nous communiquerons rapidement auprès des spectateurs ayant réservé leurs billets.

Nous soutenons tous les professionnels de santé durement éprouvés depuis plusieurs semaines, certains de nos bénévoles en font partie, comme d’autres salariés des transports ou de l’alimentation.

Je salue l’engagement des bénévoles sur le pont depuis septembre dernier et m’associe à leur grande déception et je remercie pour leur compréhension les artistes et techniciens et pour leur soutien tous nos partenaires et prestataires.

 Robert Peyrillou, directeur artistique et président de Souillac en jazz



.Evening concerts - 2016 -
For our English-speaking friends - 2016 -

Monday 18 July 2016 in the caves at Lacave
For a number of years, the caves at Lacave have echoed to the sounds produced by the most innovative of duos.
This year, in this exceptional venue where sound envelops space, we are in for a rare treat with an accordionist and an oboist engaging in a dialogue that gradually develops into a surprising performance with each instrument taking it in turns to reply to the other and then to merge their output. The unlikely duet between an oboe and an accordion will produce music that is joyful, tonic and amusing.
Jean-Luc Fillon, the oboist, is always looking for new sounds and harmonies while the accordionist, Didier Ithursarry, is constantly exploring new avenues. As they let their ideas take shape, the sounds they emit will produce melodies beneath the vaulted roof that will echo in the folds of the cavern’s rock faces. They will be drawing liberally on the music of Marcel Azzola and Hermeto Pascoal.
Jean-Luc Fillon - oboe
Didier Ithursarry - accordion
Thursday 21 July 2016 - Place Pierre Betz
Sons of Kemet is a major group on the new British jazz scene. Comprising musicians playing the tuba, a saxophone and two sets of drums, the group exudes a trance-like energy, producing music of many varied types: fanfares, jazz and rock with the emphasis on celebration and  spirituality. This makes for a captivating performance with melodies from all over the world evoking New Orleans fanfares on a Shrove Tuesday, rhythms from Barbados in the Caribbean, great black music from Chicago and the highly distinctive sound of music from Ethiopia. To the pounding dual beat of the drums, the group’s music takes on the guise of an incantatory ceremony or a mega party and the musicians’ enthusiasm spreads contagiously through the audience. It is pointless to try and resist the evocative power of this wave of jazz largely unknown in France.
“This group, which is adventurous and inspired, has returned as a landmark to the new scene of British jazz. [...] Its music is both panoramic and transversal and always has an Afro focus.”
The Inrocks – September 2015
Shabaka Hutchings - tenor sax, bass clarinet
Theon Cross - tuba
Tom Skinner - drums
Sebastian Rochford - drums
Lest we forget what we came here to do – naimjazz 2015
Burn – naimjazz 2013
Friday 22 July 2016 - Place Pierre Betz
Dave Douglas is one of the most creative trumpeters in contemporary jazz. Leading his new electro-acoustic quartet, he demonstrates the pleasure he gets from mixing genres and widening his sphere of expression.
Accompanying him, and contributing to the idea of jazz without frontiers, is the highly innovative drummer Mark Guiliana, the bass player Jonathan Maron and, in charge of the electronics, Shigeto, a master in DJing and electro-music. What these four musicians produce together is an exciting form of jazz because it is so unpredictable. And then there is the sound! Very simple melodic phrasing alongside experimental sound art gives birth to a new language which feeds on interaction and communicates with everyone. The mythical trumpeter is constantly creating music that is warm and vibrant, elegant and sparkling on account of its inventiveness.
“Dave Douglas’s music is exciting because it is never predictable. There is a freedom in the way he plays the trumpet, drawing on a wealth of variety and influence in his inner being. Currently a giant on the New York scene, he leads his quartet in a masterly way but always with great simplicity.”
Samuel Vène writing in Citizenjazz
Dave Douglas - trumpet
Jonathan Maron - bass
Mark Guiliana - drums
Shigeto - electronics
High Risk – Greenleaf Music 2015
Saturday 23 July 2016 - Place Pierre Betz
For over ten years Omar Sosa and Jacques Schwarz‐Bart have, each in their own way, carried the colours of Afro-Caribbean jazz across the world. Today, the pianist Omar Sosa is the uncontested leader of Cuban jazz inspired by the spiritual traditions of Santería, an African ritual handed down from the days of slavery which helped a displaced people to resist oppression.
For his part, after having introduced Gwoka‐jazz into performances worldwide, saxophonist Jacques Schwarz‐Bart, has become an ambassador of voodoo jazz as a result of his latest work entitled “Jazz Racine Haïti”.
These two musicians, staunch defenders of a universal Creole identity, have for some time been thinking of performing together in a symbiotic meeting of the spiritual music of Cuba and Haiti embedded in modern jazz.
“Sacred music is the only Heritage which has survived the long odyssey to which victims of the slave trade were subjected. This music has preserved an invisible dialogue between Africa and its diaspora, which has never been broken. The result is a richly contrasting symbiosis that encompasses lyrical singing, contemplative prayer and trance-like songs that pass through many varying degrees of intensity. There is a constant interaction between them, sustained by great harmonic and melodic depth which gives rise to powerful flamboyant lyricism by the two leaders.”
Jacques Schwarz-Bart
Omar Sosa - piano
Jacques Schwarz-Bart - tenor sax
Martha Galarraga - vocalist
Moonlight Benjamin - vocalist
Gustavo Ovalles - percussion
Claude Saturne - percussion

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