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« Le jazz revient, le cœur en fête… on reste là tout ébloui par sa lumière … », merci Monsieur Trenet !

 « Souillac en jazz » en 2021, ce sont des femmes et hommes du jazz pour des rencontres intergénérationnelles grâce au soutien de tous nos partenaires en 2020.

 « Souillac...


« Le jazz revient, le cœur en fête… on reste là tout ébloui par sa lumière … », merci Monsieur Trenet !

 « Souillac en jazz » en 2021, ce sont des femmes et hommes du jazz pour des rencontres intergénérationnelles grâce au soutien de tous nos partenaires en 2020.

 « Souillac en jazz » se renouvelle, des concerts en plus et créé un nouveau rendez-vous à l’église de Calès pour accueillir Joëlle Léandre, la dame de feu, au lyrisme flamboyant et à voix basse.

 « Souillac en jazz » donne toute sa place aux émergent.e.s avec Rouge, trio ondoyant de Satie à E.S.T. mais aussi de Ravel à Tigran Hamasyan, sous les doigts de la pianiste Madeleine Cazenave.

 « Souillac en jazz » c’est la révolution du saxophone velouté de Daniel Erdmann, du violon du prestidigitateur Théo Ceccaldi et du vibraphone volant de Jim Hart.

C’est aussi celui qui, avec charisme et lyrisme parcourt le monde depuis plus de 15 ans, premier pianiste de jazz à jouer à la Cité interdite de Pékin, Yaron Herman s’arrêtera au pied de l’Abbaye de Souillac avec son trio « Songs Of  The Degrees ».

C’est aussi un match de doubles avec d’une part le légendaire Michel Portal et l'inventif du piano Bojan Z et d’autre part Vincent Peirani et Emile Parisien qui nous entraînerons dans une étreinte brûlante entre jazz et tango.  

 C’est également un soir « Les grottes de Lacave en jazz » avec le duo Gonam City du pianiste Marc Benham, du trompettiste Quentin Ghomari et leur carnet de route.

 Ces musiciens, filles et garçons, légendaires, au sommet de leur art ou en devenir pratiquent une musique décomplexée, prennent le rock, le tango, la soul, la pop music, la musique classique et les offrent au jazz, … leur jazz, pour notre 45e festival « Sim Copans ».

Robert Peyrillou, directeur artistique et président.



.concerts 2018 en anglais

Whispering Souls – Tuesday, 17 July in the caves at Lacave

The opportunity to perform in the caves at Lacave is a very exciting prospect for two musicians whose objective is to give sound a new dimension. Olivier Py with his saxophone and Alioune Koné on the kora, a Mandinka harp with twenty-three strings, play two acoustic instruments and are silversmiths in the realm of music. The magnificent high-vaulted cavern is a receptacle for a vast range of different sounds, enabling simple melodies to be stripped to the core to explore new avenues. Olivier Py is a resourceful creator: after initially studying classical music, he quickly moved into jazz and improvised music. Alioune Koné, a Franco-Malian multi-instrumentalist, plays koras with chromatic keys and distances himself from tradition. These two inventive creators of a mix of sounds set themselves high standards. Walking along a tightrope together and with a perfect sense of balance, they conquer the heights. Their intimate unadulterated music with its classical or traditional African overtones enriched by long phrases of jazz is heady, dreamlike and soothing.

Olivier Py, alto and soprano saxophones
Alioune Koné, chromatic koras

Rudresh Mahanthappa’s Indo-Pak Coalition - Thursday, 19 July on the Place Pierre Betz in Souillac

Mahanthappa is a well-known musician on the contemporary New York scene. An American of Indian descent, he has created a unique sound on the saxophone, bringing together all the various influences which have affected him. Agrima, the latest project of the trio of musicians consisting of Rudresh Mahanthappa playing the saxophone, the Pakistani guitarist Rez Abbasi and the American tabla player Dan Weiss, goes further by including percussions, sound effects and electronics in an original blend of sound. The wildest pieces of music, in which improvisation springs from an astonishing combination of energy and imagination, alternate with the most introspective themes which no doubt owe their being to the influence, as acknowledged by Mahanthappa, of the traditional Indian saxophonist Kadri Gopalnath. The spectator is exhilarated by the first wave of sound and discovers a hitherto unknown musical experience. The fusion between the three musicians is extremely intense. As a result of their incessant efforts, the music takes on the mantle of a vital, almost sensual force. Unaccustomed to hearing these rhythmic, harmonic and melodic combinations of sound, the spectator’s reaction is initially one of surprise but this quickly gives way to enthusiastic endorsement.

Rudresh Mahanthappa (alto saxophone)
Rez Abbasi (guitar)
Dan Weiss (tabla)

Selected recordings
Rudresh Mahanthappa Indo-Pak Coalition

2017: Agrima (vinyl or streaming)
Apti, Innova Recordings

Rudresh Mahanthappa quartet

2015: Bird Calls, ACT music
2013: Gamak, ACT music
2011: Samdhi, ACT music
2008: Codebook, pi-recordings

Rez Abbasi

2017: Unfiltered universe, whirlwind recordings


Rudresh Mahanthappa

2017: 65th annual Downbeat critics winners, alto saxophonist
2014: Grammy award for The offense of the drums with Arturo O’Farrill
2011: Down Beat, alto saxophonist

Rez Abbasi

2013: Rising Star Guitarist DownBeat Critics Poll

Théo Ceccaldi “Django” trio – the first of two concerts on Friday 20 July on the Place Pierre Betz in Souillac

It almost goes without saying that Django Reinhardt’s music is a must for a trio of musicians playing the violin, guitar and cello. But Théo Ceccaldi’s rise to fame on the jazz scene, as borne out by a Jazz Victories award in 2017, is not due to a return to roots or to traditional jazz. Théo, playing the violin with his brother Valentin on the cello and Guillaume Aknineà on the guitar, are constantly looking for new forms of jazz. They unceasingly explore the world of tonalities and nuances, searching for anything that produces a sound and they like to heighten contrasts. Django’s music provides them with a wealth of material and is a source of lyricism which they adopt as their own, complementing it with poetry, fragmenting it, adding tension and spirited improvisations. Conceived as a whole, “Django” is also meant to be a visual performance. From each of the “master’s” melodies new ideas burst forth, all carefully nuanced but at the same time all rich and full of joy.

Selected recordings:

2018: Amanda Dakota with Freaks – due out on 8 February 2018
2016: A short moment of zero G with Daniel Erdmann and Jim Hart, BMC Records
2016: Elastic with Joëlle Léandre, Cipsela
2015: Axel erotic with In love with, Becoq Records
2015: Petite moutarde, ONJazz Records
2015: Babies with Roberto Negro, Le Triton
2014: La Scala with Roberto Negro, Ayler Records
2014: Loving Suite for Birdy So with Roberto Negro, Vivala mamma
2013: Can you smile? Théo Ceccaldi Trio with Joëlle Léandre, Ayler Records
Carrousel, Théo Ceccaldi Trio, Ayler Records


2017: Jazz Victories award for most promising artist 

Thomas de Pourquery and Supersonic - Sons of Love - the second of two concerts on Friday 20 July on the Place Pierre Betz in Souillac

In July 2015, Thomas de Pourquery and his Supersonic musicians took the festival by storm on the Place Pierre Betz with their Sun Ra project which met with thunderous applause. Crowned Artist of the Year in the Jazz Victories Awards, the saxophonist and singer returns to Souillac in 2018 with the same group and a wholly different project called
Sons of Love. He has gifted the members of his group with his personal songs and melodies that spring from his dream world and his fertile imagination. Explaining this project, Thomas de Pourquery says: “It was clear to me that all I had to do was write pretexts, or rather pre-texts, providing my five fellow musicians with a playing field on which we would invent the text, the narrative, the interplay and the substance together”.

Armed with this gift, the members of Supersonic give free rein to their imagination and take us on a powerful and baroque cosmic voyage. They give voice to their passion and express their joy through their instruments.
Rooted in jazz while at the same time succumbing to the temptation of rock, the concert will be a purifying force which will enfold the spectators in a festive spirit leaving bits of songs in their heads.

Arnaud Roulin (piano, keyboards), Frédéric Galiay (bass), Edward Perraud (drums), Laurent Bardainne (tenor sax), Fabrice Martinez (trumpet, bugle), Thomas de Pourquery (alto sax, vocal, comping)

Selected recordings:
2017: Sons of Love, Thomas de Pourquery & Supersonic (Label Bleu - Amiens)
2016: Broadways, Red Star Orchestra & Thomas de Pourquery
(Label Bleu - Amiens)
2015: Illumination, VKNG
(Naïve records)
2014: Thomas de Pourquery & Supersonic Play Sun Ra
(Quark Records)
2009: He’s looking at you, Kid, DPZ
2007: Rigolus
(Chief Inspector)
2004: Dreams in Tune, Andy Emler MégaOctet
2000: Zimmermann-De Pourquery Quintet
(Studio Juno)
2015: Magnetic Ensemble, Carton Records
(EP 4 titles)


Artist of the year, 2017 Jazz Victories
Best album, 2014 Jazz Victories

Joshua Redman quartet featuring Billy Hart - Saturday, 21 July on the Place Pierre Betz in Souillac

Having Joshua Redman perform in Souillac is a dream come true because the festival organisers have for many years wanted their programme to feature this major artist on the world jazz scene. So this concert is going to be a major event at the 43
rd festival which will welcome the American saxophonist with the Billy Hart trio. In 2015, the Souillac Jazz Festival was won over by The Bad Plus and this year Ethan Iverson will be back playing the piano. Billy Hart, the drummer, was at the 1990 festival with Dave Liebman and the mythical group Quest. The bass player, Ben Street, is a member of the Billy Hart trio. In his various comments and interviews Redman repeats two fundamental tenets: he loves music and he loves collective improvisation. In all his concerts it is the music which takes precedence over the musicians’ personalities in the interests of a collective work. And yet the saxophonist’s melodies and the sounds emitted by his instrument bear all his hallmarks: joy, enthusiasm and omnipresent swing. The spectator is receptive to all the positive emotions shared among the members of the quartet and alert to their poetic expression, with long musical phrases stretched to the extreme. Whether the music is lively and cheerful or dreamy and imaginative, it is always a reflection of pleasure, spontaneity and the true emotion of the moment. An exceptional evening is in store for us.

Selected recordings (among 20 albums)

Nearness (with Brad Mehldau)
2015: (with
The Bad Plus), Nonesuch Records
: City Folk with the James Farm quartet, Nonesuch Records
Trios Live, Nonesuch Records
Walking Shadows, Nonesuch Records
James Farm with the James Farm quartet, Nonesuch Records
Compass, Nonesuch Records
Back East, Nonesuch Records
Momentum, Nonesuch Records
Elastic, Warner Bros Records
Passage of Time, Warner Bros Records
Beyond, Warner Bros Records


2017: Edison Jazz World (Netherlands) for his complete works
2013: Edison Jazz World for Walking Shadows
2010: Grammy award for best crossover album



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